We Liked CNG Since Before it Was Cool

Finding alternative transportation fuel sources has long been a hot topic—and SouthStar Energy Services has been leading the conversation along the way. Since serving our first compressed natural gas customer in 2001 in Georgia, we’ve expanded our CNG operation to include multiple states within our footprint. And we don’t just talk about it – we live it - our own company fleet vehicles use CNG! 

We ran the first ever CNG education and car giveaway campaign in Georgia in 2011.  We’ve collaborated with multiple industry stakeholders including station developers, utility partners, manufacturers, and fleet owners to build and establish a robust CNG refueling network across the Southeast over the past decade.

Our expertise in natural gas procurement, logistics, hedging and pricing, coupled with our foundational role in building this marketplace has established SouthStar as a leading authority and top partner for station builders and companies with fleets.  Over the past decade, we’ve supplied competitively priced CNG for hundreds of natural gas vehicles and equipment – from forklifts, to cars, to light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, and off-road equipment.

Natural gas continues to be a clean-burning alternative to petroleum-based products, contributing to a major reduction in carbon emissions for fleets that use CNG as a fueling alternative.  This sustainable fuel is showing its power and savings to our customers in a major way!

Car at a gas pump
compressed natural gas vehicle