Natural Meets Neutral®

Natural Gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, but when it is burned to warm up your home, heat your shower, or cook, you add greenhouse gases (GHG) to the environment.

We know it is important that we do our part to preserve and protect the environment. Our Greener Life® program is an optional service (offered in certain markets) that helps our customers do their part in supporting local environmental projects. For all of our Greener Life customers, we calculate the amount of GHG their natural gas usage releases into the atmosphere and purchase and retire carbon offsets to balance the impact of those emissions.

In this way, our customers can feel good knowing that their natural gas usage will be carbon neutral.

In the fall of 2019, SouthStar launched the Greener Life® program in our Georgia market. The program has been steadily growing and we are nearing 18,000 customers – click the link to learn more about our original Georgia Natural Gas residential program.

With the success in Georgia, we expanded the Greener Life program to our Michigan and Ohio markets in the fall of 2020. Customers served by Grand Rapids Energy and Ohio Natural Gas have enjoyed the opportunity to participate and become net zero as well.

To date, we have retired over 100 million pounds of CO2e (Carbon Dioxide Equivalents) on behalf of our customers and will continue to help our customers fund a virtuous cycle.  A Greener Life is as Easy as 1-2-Tree!